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This project was inspired by a comment made by Ben Drawbaugh over at The Green Button ( Paraphrasing a bit, the idea is to use the free program guide provided by TitanTV to remotely schedule recordings on a Vista or Windows 7 Media Center. Unfortunately, TitanTV doesn't seem to have a direct way to push their TVPI information directly to a remote Media Center, so I developed this (somewhat sleazy) workaround.

Simply stated, the Wizard periodically checks a designated gMail account for messages with a TVPI attachment. For security purposes, it ignores messages that don't meet the following requirements:
  • the 'from' field of the message must contain a known word or phrase; and
  • the 'subject' must include a secret word that you choose at setup.
Next, the attachment is downloaded, parsed, and a Click-to-Record XML file is created. The program is scheduled using the CreateScheduleRequest method of the EventSchedule class in the Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling namespace.

If that didn't make sense (and it certainly didn't to me), a walk through the source code should help clear things up.

The program is written in instead of c#, because:
  • there’s a dearth of vb examples of Click-to-Record on the web
  • I'm a pretty shoddy programmer

This is obviously a very early release, with minimal error checking. So be sure to review the attached souce code carefully and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Comments, suggestions and improvements are all welcomed!

Finally, please note that the POP3 gMail client uses the nifty C# Mail library (a.k.a. Higuchi.Net.Mail) from here on Codeplex. You can find the original at

Thanks for looking, and have fun!

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